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EN Plus A1 Rated BSL Approved Wood Pellet Supplier

We only supply the highest quality wood pellets.

All our wood pellets meet the current ISO standard and are EN Plus A1 grade wood pellets.

EN Plus A1 accreditation ensures the pellets quality and heat output.

Not only can our wood pellets be used for fuelling Biomass Heating Systems but are also ideal for Multi Fuel Stoves.

We even have clients that take our Wood Pellets as they are also good for using as Animal Bedding.

BSL Approved Biomass Wood Chip Supplier

We know the importance of using good quality wood chip to fuel your Biomass Boiler and that's why we locally source only the best grade G50 Virgin Wood Chip.

Upon arrival our chip goes through a thorough quality inspection to ensure it meets the current standards BS EN 14961.
After inspection, our wood chip is then dried to reach a moisture content between 20-25%.

This ensures that it will burn at it's optimum calorific value of 4100kW/h per tonne of wood chip.

We know our wood chip and that's why we are South Wales first choice Wood Chip Supplier.

BSL Authorised Biomass Wood Pellet, Chip and Firewood Supplier

BSL Authorised Wood Chip Supplier

EN Plus A1

Finding a single source reliable wood pellet supplier can be tricky business, rest assured that with Dragon Wood Products you're in the best hands.

While you may find that there are many companies out there offering cheap wood pellets, many of them have no regard for the use of their product and are not too concerned with the ramifications of selling cheap and under specified wood pellets as fuel to be used on a highly intricate Biomass heating system.

Not only do we take pride in the quality of our product, we are also a BSL (Biomass Suppliers List) authorised Wood Pellet Supplier. With this in mind, your can be sure that we are a consistent and sustainable South Wales Wood Pellet Supplier.

By using our wood pellets you will not only be saving by not only burning poor quality fuel which will result in lower energy output, but also saving on down time and repair costs due to your biomass boiler cutting out after trying to burn low grade wood pellets. 


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South Wales Wood Pellet Supplier

Established in 2016, Dragon Wood Products has quickly become South Wales main distributor for biomass wood chip and wood pellets Fuel.

Not only are our wood chip and pellets competitively priced but also of very high quality, both are specifically produced to be used as solid fuel for biomass boilers and conform to the European specification of EN 14961 for our wood chip and EN Plus A1 certified wood pellets.

Dragon Wood Products is also a BSL Authorised supplier for both our wood chip and wood pellets.

The wood chip that we produce and supply is G50 Grade Virgin Wood Chip made up of soft and hard wood, dried in house to a moisture level between 20% and 25% which is optimal for a calorific output of 4100 kW/h per tonne. The moisture level of the chip also ensures that the Biomass Boiler doesn't burn the wood chip too quickly by being too dry and also doesn't cause the Biomass Boiler to shut down by being too moist.

To ensure our wood chip meets the requirements of your boiler (Set during Commissioning of your boiler) our wood chip meets the requirements of EN 14961 meaning our wood chip will be supplied with the following specifications:

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